The holidays for my family are filled with get togethers — and lots and lots of eating.

Our housekeeper Alda is part of our family and so it makes sense that she too contribute to this excessive indulgence. In fact, last week, a few days before Christmas, Alda showed up with a box of pastries from a local portugese bakery as well as her beautiful homemade flan.

Alda and her beautiful flan

The flan was topped with a caramel sauce. It was extraordinarily good. Rich and buttery. The perfect holiday dessert.

Naturally, I also found the metal pan that Alda brough the flan in to be beautiful. I asked her about it and she explained its been in her family for generations. I think this is the secret behind the flan’s perfect form.

If I had the recipe, I would pass it along. Alas, according to Alda it’s a secret. My apologies.