I’ve been going to Portland, Maine on a regular basis for probably 16 years now. My husband is from that area and we even contemplated moving up there at one point. It is a beautiful, small city situated on the water with an exciting vibe. There are amazing restaurants, all kinds of things to do outdoors, a thriving artist and design community, and overall the quality of life is very high. So it’s not surprising an artist like Angela Adams would call Portland home for her business, Angela Adams. I’ve seen Angela Adams rugs in various design magazines and have always been amazed. She elevates the utilitarian rug to a piece of pure art. Her patterns and colors are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a rug.

There is an Angela Adams retail store in Portland, which we visited in early December while in town for a family getaway. We’ve been in the market for a new rug for our living room. I’ve been wondering whether to stay with a neutral, sisal or seagrass style of rug or introduce something with a bit more color. We’re lucky to have views of our town’s harbor outside our windows, so I’ve always hesitated with anything or color that might fight the natural beauty of the view. But then I saw Angela Adams’ “Grace” rug, I was pretty sure right away that it would work well in the room. We ended up buying the rug from their extremely pleasant staff and it efficiently arrived two days later. Here’s how it looks…

Angela Adams' Grace rug at home

It’s a soft blue with a very subtle starburst towards one of the corner. Though, it changes color depending on the sunlight, which I love. Just like a great painting. Like most AA rugs, this rug is hand-tufted and made of New Zealand wool.

Oh, and that orange patterened pillow you see is also from Angela Adams. The Angela Adams brand is becoming very much of a lifestyle brand and I suspect we’ll see much more of her inspired designs across a whole range of products for the home. Speaking of which…if the rug and pillow weren’t enough Angela Adams for us for one shopping trip, there is one more AA product in our home at the moment.

When we were in her store I was curious about a series of terrariums they had displayed on different tables throughout the store. Did you ever make a terrarium when you were a little kid? I did. My mom still has the glass jar I made it in. Terrariums are a unique accent for any home. I love houseplants and this is an easy way to bring some green into your living environment…which very little care needed for those brown thumbs.

Soo…for Christmas, Vince got me an Angela Adams terrarium. Which I love.

Our new terrarium

I think we just need a small lizzard to call the terrarium home.