I’ve been a fan of Modernica, a small modern furniture company based out of Los Angeles, for a while now.

A couple years ago we purchased 4 Modernica fiberglass shell chairs for our dining table as seen below.

Chris + Vince's shell chairs

After a little while I felt like the shell chairs matched with our Saarinen tulip table was a bit much…so we’ve since switched to a set of 6 Swedish vintage teak chairs by the designer Yngve Ekstrom. They warm up the room a good deal more. But…you can be sure I’ll use the shell chairs someplace else in our house.

In general, I think the shell chair works best when juxtaposed with something from another genre or period. For example, crisp white shell chairs around an old wooden farm table look amazing.

Modernica’s shell chair manufacturing was down for some time while the company built a new manufacturing facility. Modernica is the only manufacturer currently that has the ability to produce the case study fiberglass shell chair with the production process that was intended with Charles and Ray Eames original design. You can see a video of the first chair to be made on Modernica’s “new” press here.

What’s super cool is that Modernica is using the original presses and the original preform machine that were used by Zenith Plastics for Charles Eames production of Herman Miller chairs. The preform machine is the only such machine in existence; it was designed by Sol Fingerhut in 1960. Both the presses and the preform machine are the very same pieces of equipment used to create thousands and thousands of chairs since their very first run in 1950 and now sixty years later, this equipment is located at Modernica’s new Los Angeles’s factory.

What I also love about this chair is the color options:

Shell chair color options