About a year ago I wandered into one of my favorite Boston mid century shops, Reside, and saw a Milo Baughman (for Thayer Coggin) recliner that I liked. Not loved. But liked. I ended up buying it because I thought I’d use it somewhere…in a client project or maybe even at home. And at that time I had it in my head it would definitely need to be reupholstered. The burnt orange, original, fabric would have to go.

I put the chair in storage and kinda forgot about it….until a few days ago.

We were thinking we needed something tall, kinda leggy, not very bulky, and comfortable for a corner of our upstairs living room. And then I remembered that old chair I’d put away.

Off we went to fetch the chair and bring it home. And I gotta tell you, I’m really happy. Here’s the chair at home.

It’s become my new favorite chair.

I remember my father had a recliner that was his CHAIR. I think this baby is my new CHAIR. It is so darn comfortable as well. It reclines out to this.

The ash frame is beautiful and elegant. The arms are crafted perfectly, your elbows literaly sink into the curved wood. And I am in love with the original fabric and color. No reupholstery needed thank you very much,

I’m seeing all kinds of uses for this chair—naps, reading, blogging, and just stairing out into the harbor.