We’re just pushing towards Spring (sort of) and here we are today getting a snow storm! Hmm. No snow all winter and then mother nature waits ’til leap day, Feb 29, of all days. Very funny!

Well, snow it will. But soon enough signs of Spring will be all around us.

Back in late August, and lasting until early October, we did a small landscape project here at 10 Water Street. We really never got around to having the season to enjoy it. So I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer so we can use this newly planned space. When you live on a postage stamp style lot like we do, you have to utilize every square inch. And I feel like finally with the new landscaping we’ve done that. We will still likely gravitate to using our second story deck most of the time but it’s just nice to have a place to relax with your feet on the ground.

We ended up rebuilding our entryway into a small deck. Reconfiguring our cobblestone walkway and gate. Planting a boxwood hedge. Adding a nice lush privet hedge around the southern and part of the eastern sides of our property line. And installing a bluestone patio at the bottom of our new entryway/deck that wraps underneath our second story deck – which has created the feel of an outside room. It’ll be fun to see how we use this new space once the weather warms up.

I’ve added some photos below of what the new landscaping looked like as we were finishing it last Fall. The new privet hedge has shed all its leaves this winter but I can’t wait for it to grow, get thicker, and bring back the greenery over the next couple of months. When you live in such a public place like we do the privacy the hedge will provide is very welcome!

Bring on Spring!

Dwarf boxwood hedge and plantings

New small deck off the entrway with privet hedge in the background

Looking north