This past weekend more progress was made. More ceiling came crumbling down. One wall was gutted to show the over two hundred years worth of different approaches to framing. I need to take some photos of the interior to show the progress. One cool thing is we discovered the remains of an old chimney in one wall, and what appears to have been a fire. A fire that chewed through one of the massive timbers. Gotta talk to the architects about that. Glenn The Carpenter scoffs at the idea of needing advice. He may be right. He’s already sourcing some old beams to make the repair. But speaking of architects, we met late last week with our neighbors Peter & Libby from Turowski Architecture and they presented some design ideas for the front of the shop as well as side elevations. In regards to the front, I think I know which one of the 3 designs below we’ll go with. The top design has a double door which feels very New England general store to me. But then the bottom right design is simpler. Hmmm. Well, more progress…and progress is good.