We’re making slowwwwwwww progress down in the storefront, aka “the shop”. Between our busy schedules and the architects busy schedules, we’re waiting on some plans and well, there’s nothing imminent pushing us. But, we’re still making progress so that’s good. “Baby steps” as Vince likes to say.

Glenn The Carpenter spent a few hours this saturday taking down more of the ceiling. It is an incredibly dirty job. There is so much debris. It looks like a bomb went off down there. This shot below is after several dump trips and several barrels worth of debris were taken away.

Vince and I spent a couple hours today just sweeping to try and keep up with the debris and dust. Tons of dust. Tons and tons of dust. Thankfully the shop is detached enough from our residence that we’re able to keep the dust at bay.

What’s going to be really exciting is how we decide to restore the ceiling. The beams are amazing. They’ll need to be cleaned up when the whole ceiling is down, but I can’t imagine covering these up ever again. Of course the realities of having to insulate and run electrical and things like that are important, but I’m certain there’s a solution. I bet we can just insulate in between the beams and then either run beautiful shiplapped boards — or plaster. Something tells me we may go the shiplapped route. We’ll see.

For now, here’s a look at a few more feet of the ceiling gone and the beams hidden above the many layers of debris. They’ll be beautiful when all cleaned up.